In my last post was not very optimistic. At this moment I’m like a puzzle scattered everywhere. The first step in redoing the puzzle is to find all the pieces, after which the assembly process begins. Some pieces remained glued to the border, while others are glued together, but scattered around. I realized that one of the ways that helps me in and with the healing process is writing.
You know how various people enter your life and soul – some are just passing through, and others will remain. I have always been very sociable, being able to get along with any type of person. Over time, I’ve made friends in the weirdest ways. The little things that are done by the people who stay in everyone’s life are the ones that help you get through the hard times.
Happiness comes from the little things in your life. I’ve always been the kind of person who likes to cheer up his friends when they’re sad, or give them a hug. It’s a vital sense that helps us to not only physically explore the world around us, but also to communicate with others by creating and maintaining social bonds.
When we are hugged, the stimulation of c-tactile (nerves that process the emotional meaning of touch) afferents in our skin sends messages to the brain’s emotion processing networks via the spinal cord. This causes a cascade of neurochemical signals to occur, all of which have been shown to have health advantages. The hormone oxytocin, which plays a crucial role in social bonding, decreases heart rate, and relieves tension and anxiety, is one of the neurochemicals. The instant feelings of joy and wellbeing gained from a hug are supported by the release of endorphins in the brain.
In the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to see some of my friends, but there are always unscheduled events. Yes, the pandemic influenced our way of living, and what we do when we meet with our friends. Besides hanging out with my friends, I miss being hugged.
This time, today’s story it’s a happy one.
I’ve changed my job recently, and where I work now, the idea of working from the office at least once a week has been implemented. That day of the week is seen by many of us, a day of socializing. The good moment happened during one of the “smoking” breaks.
I went outside with a colleague in the smoking area. At the exit is a revolving door. I enter first, carrying the conversation with my colleague over my shoulder. Coffee in one hand. I can barely hear him say> “Bevare, she’s coming.”
The next second, out of the corner of my eye, I see someone running towards me. I didn’t have time to pass the coffee to my colleague, because I woke up in my arms with one of my friends I haven’t seen in a long time, even if we talk quite often. It was the most sincere and warm hug I’ve received lately. I felt like a kid for those seconds. I was so happy for that hug, that you can’t imagine.
PS: Oh, I wanted to cry a little in your arms, but I realized we were at work and it wasn’t the right time. But thank you kid for that, you put back one puzzle piece! You have no idea how much that meant for me!
Eyes tightly closed!

Pasionată de literatură, Formula 1 și gadgeturi. Am început să bloguiesc din curiozitate, devenind ulterior un virus ce a început să-mi placă. Sunt o fire glumeață și ironică. Îmi place să cred că sunt o bun cunoscătoare a firii umane. Mai nou am descoperit că îmi place să scriu povești.

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