Eyes tightly closed!

We were out the entire day. We were both extremely tired. As soon as I took my shoes and coat off, I felt relieved. I dragged my body on the sofa in the living room.
You told me you were going to the shower and you’d love for me to join you. I muttered something and you realized I couldn’t move.
I rested my head on the edge of the couch. I don’t know when I fell asleep, I don’t know how long I was out, but at one point I heard his footsteps. He didn’t get dressed, he had the towel around his waist.
I opened my eyes and saw that under the towel you were already aroused. You didn’t say anything, just sat next to me on the couch. You took my hand and put it on your lap.
I could feel your dick vibrating eagerly through the towel. Without saying a word, I got off the sofa and sat down on my knees in front of you
Realizing what would follow you shut your eyes and wait for the second when you dick will be in my mouth. I’m was not in a hurry. First I would play with my tongue on the head of the dick and start licking it like a popsicle.
I was playing with the balls while doing that, preparing them for when i put them, one by one into my mouth. I could feel your breathing hard
At the point when I realized you were prepared, I finally put my lips around the whole head of your cock and began to delicately suck it. I gradually lowered my mouth over your dick, getting it deep inside.
You started to move your hips all over. I stroked the base of your cock with my hands and swallowed the shaft again. Twirling my tongue wildly around the underside of the head of your cock
Realizing you want to hear that, I told you: when you feel near climax, don’t worry. I will swallow.
You kept moaning and groaning with joy, while my sucking became steadier and steadier. I drooled and slobbered all over your dick, attempting to make the blowjob as wet and messy as could really be expected.
I’m moaning also, because I’m jerking off with my free hand, stroking my clit with two fingers.
I thrusted your cock inside my cheeks, getting it as deep into my throat as possible. your cock was completely inside my mouth. You are getting louder and breathing all the more intensely. I was grabbing your dick firmly with my mouth as I fondled your heavy balls. Your balls began to move closer to your thighs, a sign that your orgasm was fast approaching.
I sucked and licked you intensively, while stroking the balls. I looked up; your eyes were tightly shut. You moaned loudly. I just sucked you faster and made moaning noises as I prepared to finish you off. My pace and intensity grew with each trip up and down your cock, making loud slurping and sucking sounds with my mouth. Your cock was rock hard and pounding.
You manage to say “OH! Fuck” before the contractions began. I focused the muscles of my mouth and tongue eagerly on the head of your dick while tightening my grip around your balls. I felt the pre-cum, that I had been tasting all throughout the blowjob, start to drip out even more. Then, at that point, the explosion came.
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Dreaming silence

Pasionată de literatură, Formula 1 și gadgeturi. Am început să bloguiesc din curiozitate, devenind ulterior un virus ce a început să-mi placă. Sunt o fire glumeață și ironică. Îmi place să cred că sunt o bun cunoscătoare a firii umane. Mai nou am descoperit că îmi place să scriu povești.

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