Lost memory

Scrolling on the internet I found the following question: “If one day I lose my memory, what’s the first thing you’d tell me about myself?” so I asked my friends this question.
Below you will find some of their answers.
“Never grow up! The forever young thing is there for a reason
“I don’t know if I would necessarily say something about you. but the first word that came to mind is: MAZE. And about you, I think I would say something like: it’s good that you did a factory reset, maybe this time you take care of yourself more than taking care of others. This in a funny way.
But if it happened, I would probably panic a little and then I would start telling you things.”
“Overthinking… Empathy”
“Friendly and that you are trying to find your peace”
“That you like living and you have no fear in new challenges and that you make a perfect cheesecake”
“Let’s drink. Do you like gin? from there we continue the discussion”
“That you have a very warm likable energy around yourself. And a good heart. So to just be yourself and you’ll be ok. Use it as a fresh start, and start assembling positive energy.
“You have no memory to recover” – my best friend
“Well, if you had lost your memory completely, then I definitely wouldn’t be inclined to fill you in about your past, but rather focus on what I see would be useful for your future. While, of course, acknowledging that it’s still your life and therefore yours to live.
I think I’d definitely say that you are a kind and creative person who’s good at what you set your mind to. You definitely like to connect with the meaning of what you are doing – whether it’s work, free time or social situations.”
“I think the people and things who depend on us have priority
So I’d say get your shit together because you have a cat to take care of :)”
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