What is CISS?

CISS system

CISS or Continuous Ink Supply System, is a device which allows to bring down expenditure for printing on an inkjet printer, plotter or All-In-One. By installing CISS ink system on an inkjet printer you will get excellent printing quality and huge printing cost saving.
2 years ago I purchased a EpsonDX4450. Later I discovered that the cartridges are with CIP and I need a CISS system for my Epson – CISS Epson. Some printers use ink cartridges with a chip attached, recording the level of ink used. When the cartridge is empty in a certain proportion, the chip will make it impossible to re-use the cartridge, even if it will be refilled. CISS systems used for such printers are equipped with resettable chips, meaning that they can be reset when the printer shows the “ink cartridge empty” error message. The ink cartridges of the CISS system are especially designed to work well for long periods of time.
Who does the CISS work?
The system delivers a continuous flow of ink to a special type of ink cartridge, through a capillary system connected to external reservoirs. Cartridges never get dry and you don’t have to replace them. Instead, you need to add ink in the external tanks when they are almost empty. When purchased, the CISS is delivered full with ink (about 100ml for each color) and later on, when the inkruns out, you only have to buy and refill the ink for the respective color.
The benefits of CISS system are multiples :
– Save up to 95% on printing costs compared with ordinary ink cartridges
– It is conveniently sold full with the ink equivalent of upto 28 sets of ordinary ink cartridges, and you will not refill it for a (very…) long time
– the printing quality is similar to that obtained from using ordinary cartridges.
Another advantage of the system is that the ink cartridge inside the printer is always full and the colors produced are the same no matter how many pages you print in a single job. If you print large numbers of photos, for example, you can rest assured that you will not run out of ink. External tanks are see-through and you can easily see when one color is close to running out and needs to be refilled. But you don’t have to do this very often, because the CISS tanks contain the equivalent of about 10 to 28 sets of original ink cartridges.
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